Seven resorts situated inside Chitwan National Park were shut down abruptly on Thursday, July 16.

These included: Machan, Gaiada Wildlife Camp, Chitwan Jungle Lodge, Narayani Safari, Island Jungle Resort, Tiger Tops and Temple Tiger.

Following the expiry of a 16 year contract with the government, a notice was issued for the closure, and the tourists currently staying at the resorts had to be relocated. It is unclear what will happen during the next few days. One can only imagine that a new agreement will be negotiated.

This comes as another sad blow to Nepal’s tourism industry which has had to fight so hard to survive during the many years of the Maoist insurrection. This also does not fare will with the 2011 Nepal Tourism Year approaching. Resorts such as Tiger Tops are very popular among tourists. Chitwan National Park is a renowned jungle situated near the Indian border, where tigers and rhinos can be viewed while riding on domesticated elephants.



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