Water Watch 2018

10 Jan 2018 21:57 #72619 by intrepid
intrepid created the topic: Water Watch 2018
This is the official thread for Water Watch 2018. Post all water-availability related matters here for the Drakensberg. Everyone is encouraged to post updates from trips that they have just been on.

Historical Water Watch threads:

In order to stimulate participation on this thread, I have drawn up a list of commonly used camp-spots, caves and routes where water availability may be an issue. This is just off the top of my head to get the ball rolling. We can also add strategic on-route fill up spots on popular passes or on the escarpment. The idea for people to post updates on the water situation at those locations whenever they have recently been there.

Amphitheatre escarpment, including Tugela Falls & Crows Nest Cave
Ifidi Cave
Madonna Pass and Fang's Pass area, including Rat Hole Cave and Fang's Cave
Mnweni Pass and Rockeries Pass area, including Ledger's Cave and Mponjwane Cave
Bell Traverse, including Twins Cave and Bell Cave
Organ Pipes Pass area including Roland Cave and all other caves on the Ndumeni Dome
Thuthumi Ridge and Camel routes up Organ Pipes Pass
Didima Cave
Keith Bush Camp
Upper Injasuthi Cave
Bannerman Cave

Please suggest more commonly used or important locations.

It may also be an interesting exercise to draw up a list of camp spots and caves where water is never an issue. For example, has the water at Nkosazana Cave ever dried up?

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08 Mar 2018 12:04 #72948 by Jim
Jim replied to: Water Watch 2018
Hi Guys

A few friends and myself would like to hike up Champagne castle via Grays pass. Base camp at Keiths Bush Camp. in early may. What will the water situation be like?

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08 Mar 2018 18:28 #72955 by Papa Dragon
Papa Dragon replied to: Water Watch 2018
You should definitely get water at:

Crystal Falls
Breakfast stream
Stream 700m north of Blind Man's Corner
Mhlwazini River, at the crossing and KBC
nKosazana River

And probably a few of the smaller streams in between, unless there is a maor dry spell between now and then.
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