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15 Oct 2013 05:10 - 15 Oct 2013 05:42 #58800 by tonymarshall
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Those pointy things are the Mnweni Pinnacles (Pins), although there is a likelihood that the names of the Pinnacles and Needles were accidently swopped around on early maps.

In the photo with the red line, the top of Pins Pass is not visible, but detours left of the western Pinnacle and tops out at the same height as Manxome Pass, quite close to the top of Manxome Pass and behind the top of Manxome Pass in the photo.

The right hand gully doesn't access the escarpment, (neither does the bit you can see of the left hand one), but drops down between the Pinnacles on the other side, see the last photo of the write up for the view of the other side grass slope between the Pinnacles. It's worth also noting in the last photo that Pins Pass tops out on the high escarpment ridge to the right of the picture (quite a distance out of the picture), and is not the right foreground gully. The Mnweni Needles are seen in the background centre left of the last photo, while the Mnweni Pinnacles are at the right foreground of the photo.

Yes, it's certainly possible some more of the passes traditionally regarded as rock passes have alternative non rock routes; Judge, Nguza, Pins, quite likely some others too. intrepid has some ideas on an alternative route for Hilton Pass, but I am not knowledgeable on Hilton Pass, having only looked down from the top years ago, and can't provide insight into this.
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17 Oct 2013 08:34 #58806 by HFc
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and intrepid and tony experiencing a special moment of each having completed all of the official named Mnweni area Passes.

This is legendary stuff, congrats to Tony Marshall and Chris Sommer (intrepid).

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17 Oct 2013 09:33 #58807 by intrepid
Replied by intrepid on topic Pins Pass
Thanks. There are others out there that have done the same, you just hear less of them.

Take nothing but litter, leave nothing but a cleaner Drakensberg.

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18 Oct 2013 08:12 #58819 by tiska
Replied by tiska on topic Pins Pass
Nice work on all those passes gentlemen. I'm still short on Ntonjelane and Ranqwa. It was very encouraging to read how scenic Ntonj is from the earlier report by Tony. I'd always written that one off as a tedious trade route but that view seems wrong.

I think it must be harder to crack Pins Pass from the bottom up rather than the top down. I've only descended, but prior to descent we spent an hour or so on the top of the south side of the pass looking over the steep drops into the throat of the pass and managed from that to work out what to avoid. The recce allowed what seemed to be a perfect route for us. That's harder to do when looking at the foreshortened pass and the steep sections from the bottom up - so well navigated!

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