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Smurfatefrog wrote: Reading this thread before this weekend confused me a little because Tony's write up did not match the waypoint or track I had, so there seems to be quite a few variations of Tsepeng Pass.

So far from what I can gather:
Tony, Intrepid & co did the main gully (yellow arrow)
Ghaz & Fitness did a gully just to the left of the yellow arrow
Elinda & co seem to have done the same as above
Myself & co did the red arrow (I had this as a waypoint & track, and it had a cairn)

This is looking down from the top at this spot -29.746380 29.136967
The top was very steep & narrow, and had a few scrambles with plenty of ice around.

Once out of the narrow gully we just made our way down the grass slopes to the main riverbed at 2630m

Revisiting the issue of more than one route in this valley: my current impression is that the Tsepeng Pass indicated on the Geomaps is probably the one that ghaznavid and co did (ie doing most of the main gully but then finishing off on a gully branching off  on the true right). I haven't compared the various summit waypoint readings on a map though. Since this route and the yellow arrow route diverge fairly close to the top (and their summits are probably also not far from each other), I propose that these two routes be considered variations of each rather than totally separate passes.

The red arrow route on the other hand, could be seen as a fairly separate pass and thus I propose that we refer to this one as Tsepeng Pass South. The other route and it's variation could be referred to as Tsepeng Pass North. Please let's have your thoughts and perhaps different suggestions on this, and if there are even more routes and variations in this valley let us know!

This thread has been renamed Tsepeng Pass North, and a new thread has been created for Tsepeng Pass South according to the above proposal. This naming convention is always open for input and comment.

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