Drakensberg Caves GPS Co-ordinates

26 Aug 2013 01:38 - 26 Aug 2013 01:47 #58237 by Serious tribe
Hi Tony

I think we are talking about a slightly separate cave area under the same rock band.

We slept in the cave this on the 15 June 2013 and my mate and i refurnished the sleeping section with cut grass. There is a rock masanga in the furtherest end which is where we slept.

Looking at your image, we slept in the area that i have marked in yellow. We had originally hiked past the cave looking for sunshine cave, but decided that the unnamed cave would be better access for images, so we hiked back from roughly across from sunshine cave. Climbed up to below the rock-band and then followed this along the contour, the yellow arrow roughly follows our path. It was not burnt then, fortunately for the images that is, although it would have made route finding a lot easier on the steep sided traverse. The grass was at least waist high and hid all the ankle tripping dips!

Sleeping in this side of the cave, does mean that you have a bit of a bundu-bash to get water, however once you have enough collected, you don't have to make the trip again if you are only staying there for one night. I recon that you wld only be able to sleep two in the masanga, but a few meters toward the entrance there is other flatter sheltered ground. I will be doing a trip report as soon as the images are completed, shld be about next week.

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26 Aug 2013 05:22 #58240 by tonymarshall
We went up the ridge below your cave and to the left to the obvious cave at the waterfall, although as I mentioned we did see several other adjacent possible shelters but didn't get to explore them. There was no sleeping area with grass in the shelters we went through. The old rock wall was at the opposite end of the shelters.

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09 Jul 2014 19:14 #61271 by GuyP
This is a brilliant section of information. It should be made available to all.

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10 Jul 2014 08:05 #61274 by ghaznavid
note that Dave G's website also has a great list of cave GPS co-ords (see www.berg.co.za ). The GPS track in the downloads section with co-ords of many of the Berg caves is great - all Berg regulars should load it onto their GPS :thumbsup:

Available at www.vertical-endeavour.com/downloads/viewdownload/8-drakensberg-caves/5-gps-data-of-caves-in-the-ukhahlamba-drakensberg-park.html

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18 Jun 2015 07:52 #64294 by Silverthorne
Morning all.

So I downloaded the GPX file with cave locations and intergrated it with Orux maps. Thanks so much for having that kind of data available, big up :thumbsup:

I've done most of my hiking in the Mzimkhulu wilderness area and noticed that allot of caves I've slept in aren't on the map data.

To my questions:

1. Are there caves that we shouldn't disclose to keep them from the masses, as they might end up like other well known caves? Because I myself am reluctant to tell just anyone about these locations and pretty much keep them to a close group of friends.

2. Now on the flip side, I can see most members on this site are Nature boys/girls that like to leave things as they found them. Hence I want to know if the co-ordinates can be shared and added to the map file? Some of these caves are gems and hardly ever see human activity (if any)... Probably because they are close to bandit trails :laugh:

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18 Jun 2015 08:59 #64296 by Smurfatefrog

The cave GPS file is missing a few, some of which you can find on www.berg.co.za/cavesindex.htm

The main reason for not disclosing some locations is due to Bushman paintings, there are probably a few that aren't disclosed for fear of over usage but I doubt that's the case for any Southern Berg caves

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18 Jun 2015 10:11 #64297 by Silverthorne
@ smurf, thanks allot for the link brother. plenty caves to visit.

I havent seen these below on the site: All I have slept in.

Leopard Rock art above my sleeping bag.

A cave I frequently visit. stunning views and water

One we recently found


If anyone recognises these and knows the known name I'd very much like to know :)

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18 Jun 2015 10:37 #64298 by Smurfatefrog
Where about are these caves? General area will do.
The 2nd to last one looks like a great shelter!

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18 Jun 2015 11:45 - 18 Jun 2015 14:01 #64300 by intrepid
Hi Silverthorne,

There is a school of thought that tends to want to keep certain caves and camp spots secret. Its a protective instinct which I understand in part. However, the flip side is, why hide it from an interactive community such as this, where inevitably such information comes out at some point anyway. I would rather make information available on this site where there is a strong promotion of responsibility and care that goes along with it. I don't necessarily believe every little nook and cranny and overhang should be listed, but certainly there are many caves out there not on the maps which are useful.

Making the info of these caves available will introduce more traffic and thus more impact on the environment if the cave is a good one, and if its relatively accessible. Some of my own friends advised me not to publicise the true Ifidi Cave. I believed that the community should know about it and published the information on VE and also send an update to berg.co.za. Since then I must say, there has been a noticeable impact on the area as the cave has definitely become more popular as a result. I am saddened by this, yet I also believe this impact is still manageable, as long as we all play our part and be responsible. Hiking in the Berg is on a low I would say- if hiking were more popular (thus traffic being higher) perhaps we would need to be more conservative about this kind of thing.

VE does not promote information on the location of caves that are definitely closed to the public, or which may lie in sensitive areas for a variety of reasons (which may include security). We wish to co-operate with the authorities. Any cave with rock art is by law protected (50m radius around the site), and, among other rules, sleeping is not permitted in those sites. Leopard Cave and Poacher's Cave in Ndedma used to be open for sleeping in, even though they have paintings, but these were subsequently closed, and I removed the related GPS data from VE. LIC, Xeni and Bushman's Cave are a few exceptions, as they have a strong tradition of use by hikers and their paintings are in any cases badly damaged and faded.

Up until this point, the data has been purely my own and I don't always get around to updating it. I think the cave data hasn't been touched for a long time. I am happy for people to contribute, but I do want to maintain a high standard of accuracy and ethics. So feel free to PM me if you want to contribute.

With information comes responsibility! I urge members and readers not to merely be takers of the information offered here. You can contribute positively by being responsible with the environment and by educating and encouraging others to do the same. In this way the supply of information remains free, sustainable and un-begrudged.

Take nothing but litter, leave nothing but a cleaner Drakensberg.
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The following user(s) said Thank You: diverian, saros, Papa Dragon

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18 Jun 2015 13:42 #64302 by Silverthorne
Noted intrepid.

Is there a topic regarding cave/site ettiquette and best practice?

@ Smurf - The second last cave/shelter is en-route to Angel falls high up the valley on the left. If you know where Cobra Cave is it's not far

I'll try get co-ordinates next visit maybe July/August sometime. Need to plan another 4 day hike

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