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@ASL  Yes, that looks like a great tent.  

I had an MSR Elixir.  It was really good, although too heavy unless there was two of you.  

The new version of MSR Hubba Hubba 2 NX has lost some weight and gained some strength with composite poles but not a 4 season tent like the Access.

Here is a very interesting tent from Hong Kong-- Pretents- Lightrock .  It looks like a 3+ season, 1.5 person tent--1.25kg, double wall design, with a mostly solid interior. On the exchange about $450.  They are releasing a 2 person version in October.

Ken at backpackinglight.se has a review  here .  He raves about the quality of the tent, and he is a big Hilleberg fan.

Tent addiction is a serious thing.  We need a self-help group/thread on VE for that, or perhaps a get together, where we setup all our crazy tents :-)

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07 Jul 2020 17:56 #75882 by ASL
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Lol! I have gear addiction, never mind just tents!!

I have the Ahwanhee and a BD Skylite tent and an old Ferigno tent. I use the Skylite a lot as it's 2kg all in for a 3 man and is still very strong. I sat out an 8 hour snow storm at Giants in it.

Also have many packs and other assorted gear. It's got to the point I am thinking to start a gear review blog to alleviate my compulsion a bit..

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07 Jul 2020 18:05 #75883 by ASL
Replied by ASL on topic Re:Tents
I can give you some feedback on the BD Skylite tent. I've used it since 2015 in the Berg in some of the worst conditions I've ever experienced there and it's stood up really well. My freind Riaan has a Nallo 3 and the Skylite held up in a wind storm that flattened the Nallo (nothing broke but I could see their shaped under the tent fabric..). I did get small tear on one of the attachements for a guy rope but it's was because I didn't stake out the one side. Since then it's been through some epic snow storms with no issues so I rate it highly.

I would actually say that northern hemisphere 4 season is worse than our 4 season so most 3 season tents are okay here. That said if I had to choose, I have a Bibler Ahwanhee that is stronger than the Skylite, just not as light.

PS. It does get more condensation than the Todtex fabric Bibler/ now BD use but then it's single wall

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