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A really excellent review of modern day backpacking tents:

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17 Jul 2019 14:34 #75156 by Serious tribe
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Thanks Chris

That 800g dirigo 2 looks interesting, quite expensive when paying with Rands though.

I recently purchased this one  https://www.snugpak.com/outdoor/scorpion-2   It is a tight fit for two people, great for one and it does tend to blend in with the environment which is great for keeping a low profile.

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17 Jul 2019 18:33 #75157 by vivo101
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It's unfortunately time to put my Cadac Isotec into retirement. It has served me well in some harsh berg conditions over the years, but recently the floor has been leaking. I have tried sealing the seams to no avail, hence I'm looking for a replacement. 

Some Requirements:

* 4-Season Double wall -- Concerned with condensation at lower elevations during summer trips in the berg, as with most single wall tents.
* Lightweight -- I'm looking for something below 3kg. I know this is a tall order for 4-season double wall.
* Size -- 2 person assault style, small footprint
* Freestanding and geodesic design-- Not looking for dome tents as the footprint will be to large.
* Vestibule 

The FA Helios fits the criteria, but I'm not all that keen on our local brands, the large unsupported sidewall also has me concerned. I'm basically looking for a BD Eldorado but in double wall as I'm concerned about condensation. The BD Fitzroy, North Face Mountain 25 and Mountain Hardwear Trango 2 are to heavy, although they are bombproof. The MSR Fury 2 would have been perfect but it has been discontinued. Have looked into Vango but I'm not keen on the neutral colors offered. Hillenberg is a bit out of my budget at this stage.

I have come across the Nemo Kunai  which is exactly what I want, although I cannot find reviews on it. At the price its going for I'm not keen to take a gamble.  

I'm looking for advice on what might work for me or someone that has experience with NEMO tents?

Thanks in Advance 

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17 Jul 2019 19:09 #75158 by jumbleoak
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27 Nov 2019 08:03 #75491 by wookie
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So my 360 degrees lightweight 2 tent finally died after 11 years of use from Bike trips to high berg winds.
Not bad for a cheapy tent.
After a lot of looking around I finally settled on a First Ascent helio2.
Only got it last week so haven't got to use it in anger yet.... hopefully in December.

After a quick test pitch I have to say that it is quite an impressive tent and nicely made.
Slightly heavier than my modified lightweight 2 by ~400g but happy with the weight for solo trips.
Very quick and easy to pitch.

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27 Nov 2019 12:08 #75497 by MarkT
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I've been testing the Mountain Laurel Designs Duomid XL pyramid tent, here is a picture of it on the escarpment. Held up very nicely under some extreme force winds, that almost floored another different model of tent.   https://mountainlaureldesigns.com/product/duomid-xl/

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21 Dec 2019 00:43 #75568 by WesleyWard
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Anyone here tried or heard of the Lanshan 2 Ultralight tents? Reviews on youtube look good, they say its basically a copy of the Zpacks Duplex but at a much better price. It uses your hiking poles instead of having its own poles which saves a lot on weight, is there any reason why it might be an issue that its not freestanding? I hike mostly in the Drakensberg but have mostly overnighted in caves, is there much likelihood of finding the ground too hard to properly stake a tent lke this?
Its very light at about 1.2kg for 2 person (600g each if you split it with a friend) and only $120 with free shipping, so i imagine with import duties its likely to come to about R2000, which is in line with the first ascent 2 person tents locally available but those are significantly heavier.

Review:  https://www.reddit.com/r/Ultralight/comments/8em34m/a_closer_look_at_the_3f_ul_gear_lanshan_2_tent/
Buy Link:

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02 Jul 2020 21:09 - 02 Jul 2020 21:18 #75870 by wildingo
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Here is a an interesting new ultralight tent, REI Flash Air 2, a hybrid double wall/single wall design.  1kg if you use your trekking poles (instead of the included poles) and currently on sale at a great price of $208, with free international shipping.  buy it here

Great review by Adventure Alan:   here 

I have ordered one, if anyone is interested, I'll post a review, once received, and used after lockdown.

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