Via Ferrata route in the Berg

14 Feb 2014 10:18 #59683 by ghaznavid
Alard just posted this on ClimbZA

Willem B and Robert you got it right!!!! It is a VERY intricate story ( and as always there are 2 sides to a story) but in the mean time here is a bit more info

After all the big huff and charges laid against me, we had the area surveyed and realised that 23m of the route was in the Royal Natal National park.
Then I had a verbal agreement with a certain legal person in Bergviile court to take the whole route down and the charges would be dropped.
So we spent 36 man days removing the route. Not just chopping the pegs but drilling around the peg and using a big hammer and pole to get them out so that no steel was left in the mountain.
Then we went back to court…. then Ezemvelo did not agree with this and upped the legal fight by bringing in an environmental advocate.
They then used the clause in the world heritage site act to nail me: intentionally or unintentionally do damage to a world heritage site…… ( even though the entire route had been removed )

Not sure how much I can say without getting into more trouble….. but after many trips to Bergville court the options were: …….. another R500 000 lawyers fees or accept settlement………

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intrepid wrote: I find it most unfortunate the way this incident has divided the climbing community and has brought so much harsh criticism to all parties concerned by the various camps in the debate.

It is unfortunate and not helpful to a clear and sustained voice about what is best for the Berg. But I think those divisions in the climbing community already existed. The Via Ferrata just gave them more air-time than they usually get.
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