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09 Jan 2020 16:59 #75591 by Rhinoandhedgehog
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Its unfortunate the the spirit of the the race is ruined as a result of this new development. it was a true meeting point of the Hikers and Trail runners on this site.
KZNTR likes to brand itself about the Gees and Vibe, all the while laced with commercialization . The mnweni was every thing but that. You only knew about the race if you heard it by word of mouth (or blogs) and actively sought it out to find that it was already sold out and you would have to wait and train for another year. It has now been publicized to their vast data base, The secret is out.

KZNTR has a monopoly on trail running in the KZN area and this can not be helpful for the sport. I don't believe KZNTR will invest in the local community either but nmweni didn't do that too much either.

Time for a new trail run secret - I have a place in mind and can arrange - if there are any takers PM me and we can take it from there.
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10 Jan 2020 12:48 #75593 by vivo101
Replied by vivo101 on topic Mnweni Marathon
Hello @Martin

Thanks for your input to the discussion. 

I'm in two minds regarding your comments:

* I appreciate the work that KZN trail running does for the running community. I have run some of the races myself and can commend you on the organisation there-off. I also understand that a more formal race(marked course ect) will provide people, that are not able on their own account, to experience the spectacular Mnweni Cutback. This will surely bring people back to the area to attempt it on their own,thereby supporting the local community.

"In my opinion, the spirit behind changing the May event to form part of the Mountain Marathon Series is not to take away from the event but rather to add to it...."

* I do not however agree with the more formal event adding to the spirit. Will a marked course and exact GPS coordinates of all the books, add to the spirit of the Barkley Marathon ? The winter Mnweni had a cult like following, many of which are active on this forum. Therefore for many the spirit behind the original event is unfortunately lost. I also understand that like with all things in life, something must evolve, but I cannot help to agree that it should have been the September Mnweni that have become the organised event. The September Mnweni would have been much simpler logistically, good luck cutting the grass on the final km approach to the head of Mnweni Pass, no runner in a formal event will be happy slogging through head high grass. 

I do however appreciate that some effort was made to keep the original race alive and will therefore support you in September. 

"To those who are enthralled by mountains, their wonder is beyond all dispute. To those who are not, their allure is a kind of madness." - Mountain

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28 Jan 2020 15:00 #75635 by AndrewP
Replied by AndrewP on topic Mnweni Marathon
Martin and I have corresponded a few times since his initial post. We have even met face to face.I pointed out to him that I really am not a fan of the mountain series website. Too much focus on the elite runners, and almost nothing to encourage Average Joe to enter. That said, the intentions of the series are fine, and it may even be a good thing for trail running in the country. I will not be entering the series.Let’s be honest, the Mnweni Marathon is a race, so there will be a winner. I would actually like to run Mnweni against some of the top athletes. So, the efforts to include Mnweni within the series are not going to be a bad thing in itself. There will be a few changes, but I believe Martin when he says he wants to keep Mnweni as it always was.Which then brings me to my final point. Bruce created the Mnweni Marathon. But, the runners themselves created the culture and vibe. The event is after all more about the 199 people that finish than the 1 person who wins. So, all we actually have to do is to ensure that enough of the “old” crowd enter this year and it will actually stay the same.
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28 Jan 2020 17:54 #75636 by Smurfatefrog
Replied by Smurfatefrog on topic Mnweni Marathon
I see there is a 5km and 10km option for May Mnweni too... not sure how that will work. Run to the bridge and back?

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30 Jan 2020 20:16 #75652 by Smurfatefrog
Replied by Smurfatefrog on topic Mnweni Marathon
Entries open tomorrow.
Now they've changed it to 6km, 10km, 20km (150 max) and 40km (250 max) routes

I'm thinking it will be rather packed there!

I might just organise another weekend with trail friends

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30 Jan 2020 21:05 #75653 by Martin85
Replied by Martin85 on topic Mnweni Marathon
Hey guys, 

Just a quick heads up that entries for Mnweni Marathon 2020 (May event) will open tomorrow, Friday 31 January, at 10am. If you want, you can enter at: 

Apologies for my tardy responses. I hope to get to some of your comments over the course of the weekend. The start of the year has been hectic for us. 


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