Upper Injisuthi Cave

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Injasuti cave was one of my favorite caves, i believe the biggest escarpment cave, but the last time i was there (5 years ago) it was ruined with 30cm of ash on the floor.  people are making fires.  dung fires, i suspect.

I suspect Basothos have "discovered" it, in a big way.  There was dry dung everywhere, including baboon dung.   i think there may have been human dung.  A lot of sheep dung.  i don't think the baboons are using it, i think Basothos are bringing in dung to burn.

My down sleeping bag will be ruined by the ash.  i never stayed there.  plus as you walk around it creates dust.  good for the lungs.  I have no idea how it would ever self-clean.  Seems ruined forever.

Injasuti cave is in south africa.  the one big cave in Lesotho, bannerman, is not ruined, it is perfectly good.  but of course Injasuti cave is on a buttress, so basothos think it is in Lesotho.

Anyone have a recent report?

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03 Dec 2019 03:58 - 03 Dec 2019 03:59 #75511 by intrepid
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Hi Oneye,
I have also heard reports of the cave being messy. However when we used it in October this year it was remarkably clean. It could be that the use of the cave by the locals is sporadic or seasonal. It is also possible that hikers are cleaning up the cave since there is a fair bit of hiker traffic on the Corner Pass/Mafadi/Leslie's Pass loop.

The pics attached are not good quality since they were taken on my phone and the lighting was poor.

Take nothing but litter, leave nothing but a cleaner Drakensberg.

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