Cockade Pass

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Thanks for sharing! That's crazy - its easy to forget that mountains are constantly changing.

Cockade remains overwhelmingly my favourite Drakensberg pass with no close contender for second place. I even have an A1 canvas print of the view hanging on my wall. I know it isn't everybody's favourite - but its scenery that speaks to me in a way no other spot I have ever visited does. I say that having done the pass 3 times, and been through the Elephant Gully many additional times - that cutback between Xeni and Cockade Peak never disappoints.

@Ghaz - You're welcome, the change is definitely mind blowing. Tseketseke were not affected nearly as much. 

My wife and I are with you all the way on Cockade pass being our favourite, It is not just the views itself, but the entire experience of being enclosed by the cliffs. Having said that, I must be specific in saying that it only goes for the ascend. Our  only descend was a different kettle of fish altogether 

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