Mnweni Pass - Rockeries Pass Loop

14 Feb 2019 10:01 #74657 by rbpkrod
Hi All,

I hope this is the right place to post this!

Been lurking here for a while, I'm fairly new to the Berg (only been to Amphitheater and the Mnweni foothills). I'm planning a trip to the Berg over Easter, wanted to hear your thoughts: The basic idea is up Mnweni and down Rockeries, over 5 days 4 nights.
Day 1: MCC to below Mnweni pass (either 5 star or camping in the Valley)
Day 2: Up the pass to escarpment, camp at somewhere near the top of Mnweni Pass (to photograph the
Day 3: Possibly head to the viewpoint to the Cutback and sleep somewhere there?
Day 4: Head to Mponjwane/Ledgers/Rockeries, spend the night somewhere there
Day 5: Down Rockeries back to MCC
I know this is typically done over 3 days, so I have ample time, what would you recommend, especially for photography? Also, if I understand correctly: once you get on top from the pass the Needles will be South(ish) and the Pinnacles to the North(ish). in order to get to the Cutback where you can see both you have to walk North on the escarpment, is my understanding correct?


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14 Feb 2019 15:55 #74658 by DesPorter
An alternative would be going up Fangs instead of Mnweni and approaching the pins from the north and then onto the cutback which seems to me the better approach for your photography.

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