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The "foulest" in all the land

I completed a quick solo 2-Day loop of Ships-Grays over the weekend, as a rehab weekend to get my legs were they need to be. Got a lift down with some friends also heading down for a training weekend and started 6am on Saturday morning. It was a cool overcast morning and I reached the head of Ships Prow Pass at 10am. Here I filled up my water and started up the pass, scouting a line through the bush from the rock piles as I went. The bushwhacking is considerably easier with a fastpack and I quickly made it to the end of the riverbed, I was hoping to find my last water here but there was none to be found. I ran out of water about halfway up the southern gully and intensified my push for the summit, reaching the top at approx 2pm (8 hours)

I eventually found water at the river in the main grays escarpment valley and pitched my bivy behind some rocky outcrops, out of sight of potential traffic down the pass, in howling wind. I took an afternoon nap, made early dinner and settled in for the night. The wind was howling through the night and I fell asleep with the all to familiar feeling of getting slapped in the face by a bivy sidewall. I woke up at 4am broke camp and made my way to the grays river once again where I had breakfast and watched the sunrise over Catkin, still my all time favorite sunrise spot. I eventually got going at 5:30am and made my way down Grays pass, met some friendly Basothos on their way up near the bottom. I had the pass behind me in approx 75min and made my way back to MC by 10am, just in time to beat the days heat. 

Another epic in the berg I wont soon forget.

This pass should be renamed to "blue mattress slaughter"...Sounds like a metal band. I found endless bits of poor unfortunate blue mattresses in the denser bush sections....and imagined the amount of cursing that accompanied them on their journey... 

"To those who are enthralled by mountains, their wonder is beyond all dispute. To those who are not, their allure is a kind of madness." - Mountain

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